Kingdom Faith #3 Those Things That Are Not As Though They Were

i started a series

a couple weeks back

and um

entitled calling those things that are

not as though they were

and uh

um it’s

it’s a in a series kingdom faith

you know that there’s two different


there’s the

kingdoms of this world and there’s the

kingdom of heaven

there’s uh there’s another

there’s another element other than what

we can see feel

taste smell when adam sinned he actually

became an

enslaved to his five physical senses

and that’s what causes the fear in every

one of us

people aren’t born with fear

people are are raised into it

you learn fear it’s an acquired thing

just like you know just got a new puppy

and and really

before it was taken away from its family

there was no fear in that little thing

all of a sudden because of an experience

through that dog senses

fear came

that’s the same thing with us

and sometimes people are so gripped with


it’s a demonic thing it’s it’s it’s a

work of satan he wants to oppress us

first we’re subjected to him

in that way through our five physical


then we’re

uh oppressed by him that’s a greater

level greater element

and uh depressed

and then even um

we’re we’re bound in such a way that


uh that people are possessed

by by the devil

and um

uh it’s

in the united states you know we were

talking about other nations and

of course before kovit came it’s a

little more difficult traveling but i

traveled extensively and and um

it was more than likely i wouldn’t be

here i’d be out in some of the one of

the third world countries

and um

there you see a lot more open demonic

activities here

it’s religious

it’s people that are are

it’s a it’s a way it’s an avenue that

that um

satan has has used in order to get in

and just keep people so bound

religion is a terrible thing

um it can keep people so restricted from

the kingdom of heaven from who god

really is what jesus christ really has

done for mankind

and in fact jesus came himself and said

to the religious leaders he said uh by

your tradition you made the word of god

in non-effect

he says

you you’ve made it nothing

but it’s the main thing you have to get

out of that

uh and and

a lot of times people and they love god

they they they love god they but they’re

they’re not taught

the principles of the kingdom they’re

not taught the methods that god used who

god really is how he does things in a

life of a person and so

they just they they

they reduce god to an icon

they reduce

what he does to a story

they reduce

how he is

to um

a distant thing from them

and so a lot of times people will know a

lot of stories about jesus but they’ll

always because of that they always think

that just god does everything

and that’s not true

matter of fact the scripture is clear


the bible says the heavens the lords but

the earth he has given to who


the earth he’s given to us

we’re the ones that are in fact when he

created adam what did he tell him he

says i um i’m giving you dominion over

all the works of my hands

and because

adam had dominion that’s a that’s a

kingdom word that means i he to rule

over the domain of all the works of

god’s hands

and when he submitted himself to the

lies of satan

in fact satan’s lie was what he he said

uh you remember god just told him you

can’t eat of the tree and knowledge of

good and evil and that really in the

hebrew is senses our five physical


most people especially in the western


are so bound by education in fact

doesn’t matter what it is they’ll say

the only way out of it is a better

education isn’t that

some some person that doesn’t understand


and a true relationship their hearts

aren’t changed by the power of god they

might beat their wife or their children

abuse them what is this what does the

government say we need to send them to


everything’s in education drunk driving

go to class

no matter what it is every problem in

life they say western world now they say

the only way out of it is a better

education and that’s not true at all

we’re not to lean on our understandings

we’re to acknowledge god and he’ll

direct us there’s a leading in fact all

those who are led by the spirit of god

they are the sons of god

so back to what i was talking about with

with adam he yielded to the devil satan

says you know god doesn’t want you to

eat of this tree because he knows

that the day you eat of it you’ll become

like him

knowing good and evil

well what was the problem with that it

was a lie

why why was that a lie

when god created man didn’t he say let

us create man in our

image and in our


man was already like him

and so satan lied he is withholding from

you god’s word just withholding from you

he does that today and through religion

god made you sick rather than god healed


the bible says you have been healed by

the stripes of jesus christ but god made

you they’ll say to that degree god made

you sick

and that’s a lie

had nothing to do with it

but it’s people that don’t understand

their own authority

the dominion that he’s given us here in

this world that’s why jesus when he came

in this earth emmanuel right god with us

he came the bible says this that he went

about doing good and healing all who

were oppressed of the devil for god was

with him

a lot of times christians don’t even

believe god’s with them

they pray oh lord be with me today he

said i’ll never leave you i’ll never

forsake you where is he going where did

he go to

he didn’t leave

but it’s doubt and unbelief in

somebody’s life that they’re not

confident they’re not convinced of who

god is what he’s done and our place with



so this is so so important

faith is important what do we do to

bring the promises of god which there

are over 8 000 promises of god for us in


i love this scripture in in in second

peter the first chapter and the third

verse by the way it says that he’s given

us everything that pertains unto life

and godliness through the knowledge of


who’s called us to glory and virtue

so what have we not received

he’s given us how much

everything that pertains under this life

and godliness

we just have to know how to get it from


manifested to here

in our lives

and this is one of the principles

calling these things that are not

as though they were

in romans in the fourth chapter in going

over this uh the 13th through the 18th

verses and the new king james version it

says this for the promise that he would

be the heir he’s talking about abram by

the way

and uh who later he changed his name to

abraham but abram

for the promise that he would be the

heir of the world was not to abraham or

to his seed through the law in other

words on

the do’s and don’ts

if if abraham was good enough or not

but through the righteousness that comes

by faith

for if those who are of the law are


faith is made void in the promise made

of no effect because the law brings

about wrath

for where there is no law there is no


now when jesus died on the cross the

bible says he abolished the law

because he fulfilled it

he came and took our place

he was the last adam first corinthians

of the 15th chapter he was the second

adam first corinthians 15 chapter also

but he was the last adam the first adam

was the first representative of all


and he sinned so sin comes into every

person that comes into this world

now i don’t know about you but i didn’t

ask to come here

it was god that put me into this

corrupted fallen world

he did that

but not just to say see if you can make

it on your own

he put me here because his purpose

always was to express his love

to the one that’s created in his image

and in his likeness

god is love and love needs a

a place to be applied

love has to have an object to express

itself to

all you folks that you know

uh you’re growing up now and you’re

maybe raising a family you didn’t know

what love was until all of a sudden that

little freckled face you know uh a

skinny girl showed up on the bus or in

the neighborhood and all of a sudden

what’s that what what’s that

you never you didn’t know what love was

but love because love was there it

needed an object to be expressed to

all you women you saw that knock kneed

bony kid you know gangly guy


uh that

everyone’s saying was a no good and and

you though in your heart all of a sudden

who is this

you felt love for the very first time

because love needs an object

to be expressed to

and so that’s why love god love created


to express his love to him to give every

you know that just like you you know

when you you’re dating you’re you’re

courting your your your sweetheart

well you you just really put the dog on

don’t you

i mean listen and a lot of times women

you listen to me if that guy is just a

no good no count he’s giving you the

best to land you that’s the bait that

he’s throwing out

run like a banshee get away

he’s gonna destroy your life



after you’re married hey i don’t have to

do nothing to land her she’s here now

what do you think it’s going to get like

but god

but god he came and satan said oh god’s

just withholding from you love can’t

withhold from you

it’s impossible that’s why the whole

kingdom is set up on a gift’s principle

god first thing he did with adam was

give him dominion over everything

adam gives it all away he was deceived

by satan

and so he fell in sin entered into the

whole world it all corrupted

and god brought us here because he still

wants man to receive his love

and how did god get it back how did god

get everything back he says i know how

i’ll get him back i’ll give another gift

and god so loved the world that he gave

his only begotten son that whoever

believes in him should not perish but

have everlasting life

and we can’t even have that everlasting

life jesus unless he gives us another

gift for we’re saved by grace through

faith and that’s not yours it is a

gift from god

and when you believe in jesus christ he

gives you another gift it’s called

righteousness you become as right as god

not as good as god

no one’s good but god

our performance isn’t as good as god but

in his eyes you’re as light as him it’s

a gift and he tells us in romans in the

fifth chapter in the 17th verse if you

will receive the abundance of god’s

grace and the gift of his righteousness

you’ll rule and reign as a king in this

life by one man jesus christ

it’s it’s about gifts why because love

wants to give gifts wants to share wants

to honor this object of affection


god gave man dominion

and jesus came to get it back

and that’s why he came when he came he

lived perfect he was sinless

and he fulfilled the law

and now when we give our lives to jesus

he says here here’s everything that

pertains under life and godliness

when you give your life to jesus he

calls you an heir of god and a joint

heir with jesus christ

it’s all yours well how do i receive it

how do i walk in that well stay away

from people that say you’re only a no

good for nothing worm you’re just

nothing but a dog a sinner and and uh no

count and uh you’ll never get nothing

and you’ll never have nothing because

how we live

in the kingdom of heaven

is also

by an element of image

my senses gives me an image

yours does too

if we would smell smoke all of a sudden

everyone through our our our sense of



somebody in here might yell fire and run


because an image came into your head


somebody that

that thinks

we’ll take you know the dog for instance

a lot of times people put a little

collar on them they got this invisible

fencing they put a little wire

underground and so when the dog comes up

to it it gives it a little shock

and so it knows to stay away

and so it doesn’t matter even if if it

after that if the collar is off that

after a while it it trains it so it

comes only so far to where that

underground wire is and it won’t go any

farther it’ll bark and bark but it’ll

never it’ll never touch that area

it’s built within it to hold it back

that’s what satan does through this

corrupted world through our senses

there’s two words for hand in hebrew


one is the word cuff

it’s only ever used in the bible for the


my dad used to say you know

i’m half jewish and

half you know mutt and um uh

he used to say to me

you keep doing that i’m going to cuff

you upside the head

i don’t know if your parents ever said

that that’s a hebrew word that’s cuff

and what it means it’s a word for the

enemy it means to

push down to hold down

to keep back from something

to stop them it’s that invisible offense

satan wants to hold you back from life

that’s why in john 10 10 jesus says this

the thief only came to steal kill and


he says but i’ve come to give you life

and life more abundantly

but we have to get beyond that then we

have to do something to go beyond what

we built within our lives throughout our

time in this corrupted world through our

five physical senses

that’s why education doesn’t satisfy

everything it doesn’t

help everything in fact a lot of

education will hurt us right

wisdom is greater than knowledge

you can have knowledge of how to make a


you know of nuclear fusion

but if you don’t have any wisdom you’re

going to use that nuclear fusion to

destroy a lot of people that’s why we’re

afraid we’re afraid of in iran

wisdom though is the proper application

of knowledge

and that’s why first corinthians 1 30

the bible says christ is made in us you

who believe in jesus christ he’s made in

us wisdom very first thing

wisdom righteousness sanctification and


he does that in us it’s a gift

and so we have to then apply ourselves

in a way to get what we can’t see

what we can’t hear with our physical

ears taste



we have to get that to come into this

corrupted world

and it’s not hard

it’s just going to take some time

if you apply it to your life

and that’s what he’s saying here

therefore 16th verse again romans 4

therefore it is it is of faith that it

might be according to grace

so that the promise might be sure to all

the seed not only to those who are of

the law but also to those who are of the

faith of abraham

who is the father of us all

as it is written i have made you a

father of many nations

remember when god told that to abram

i made you if i i’ve already made you

yet he didn’t have one child

but he said i made you a father of many

nations he says well yeah well how’s

that going to happen i’m childless

and then we’ll talk about a minute he

says this he says as it is written i’ve

made you a father of many nations in the

presence of whom he believed in other

words abraham abram said i believe it

but he didn’t know how to make it happen

he didn’t know how to make it happen it

says god read it with me who gives life

to the dead we’re in verse 17 god who

gives life to the dead and calls those

things which do not exist as though they

did now if we’re in his image and in his

likeness image means we look like him


you know he he has a a mouth he has eyes

he has ears he has a head he has hands

he has feet he sits on a throne

he we’re in his image and in his

likeness in other words we know we look

like him and we’re act we can do like

him we can act like him in his likeness

and so he says that he call he he raises

the dead and he calls those things which

be not as though they were that’s king

james i’m sorry he gives and calls those

things which do not exist as though they


who contrary to hope in other words

there wasn’t anything that that abraham

abram could hope for that’s why he said

how are you gonna do this i don’t have

any kids

he says contrary to hope he believed in


so that he became the father of many

nations according to what was spoken so

shall your descendants be what gave him


god did he he remember abraham abram was

75 years old when god called him out of

uh haran

and said hey

um i’m going to call you i’m going to

tell you i’m bringing you to a

country that i’ll tell you what which

country when you get there


i’m out of here

so he takes off he leaves and

12 years later

nothing’s still nothing happening he

still isn’t a father of nothing

and so the lord says come on outside you

know he comes out of his tendons at

night he says look it up to the sky

and and abram looks up there he says

that’s how many see if you can count the

stars of course it’s impossible he said

that’s how many kids you’re going to


he put a vision within him

that’s hope

he put something within him i’ve had

different professional people throughout

my life say that’s false hope well it is

for you because you don’t see what i see


but if you could see what i see

it wouldn’t be false hope to you it

wasn’t to abram

you’re the father of many nations here

look at the stars of the sky but that

wasn’t good that wasn’t enough and god

knew it so almost another well another

12 years here he is he’s at the time he

is 99 years old now

the lord said well he’s still not having

this child so i’m gonna

i’m gonna have to teach him to do just

like i do

and that’s call those things that be not

as though they were

he says so abram i’m changing your name

to abraham

abram just means a leader the head one

but abraham means a father of a


a father of many nations and sarah

i’m changing your name to sarah

he put part of his name in each of those


and sarai which meaning just the head

mistress uh she was changed to um um a

queen that gives birth to kings

and so for the a little bit you know

that all of a sudden there’s they quit

just seeing oh yeah we’re gonna have a

lot all these kids we’re gonna have all

these kids and it came to the point that

they were laughing about it because they

didn’t they were losing that so god

steps in again he says here’s what you


and so from that day on they say there’s

if they’re asked what’s your name i’m a

father of many nations

what’s your name i’m a mother of many

many nations i’m giving birth to kings

and they kept saying that

they just by their name my name william

means defender of the family

and so i’m not partial to people calling

me bill

especially since i got my first

doctorate you know that’s the most

dreaded thing in most americans lives is

a doctor bill

so i i didn’t want that

i i didn’t want that

i’m the defender of the family and

everyone here knows when i’m defending

the family

but abraham the father of a multitude

i’m the father of a multitude i’m a

father every time they talk to each

other hey

my queen who’s giving birth now to kings

hey my um the father of a multitude come

here father i multitude what are you

gonna do today i don’t know mother of

kings i i i don’t know

and they started calling those things

that weren’t as though they were

god came when when he came to do that he

says i have made you a father of many

nations not i’m going to

he said i did it

that’s why when we see the promises in

the bible it isn’t like we try to god

we’re trying to get god to do something

he’s already done it

we just have to live under the

principles that he gave us to allow it

to come into our lives health healing

finances what does the bible say about

finances in your life doesn’t it say

psalm 112 wealth and riches are in your


but yet we have christians that say i

don’t have i lack i can’t give because i

don’t have enough

how is that like god

we’re supposed to be children of the

most high god

just followers of jesus christ

and that’s how he created everything

matter of fact he said in in hebrews in

the 11th chapter remember the third

verse it says by faith we understand

that the worlds were framed by the word

of god so that everything that exists

was made

by things that nobody could see

because that god spoke them all into

existence he spoke it all into existence

and that’s what we have to do

that doesn’t mean we deny

when we’re going through problems

that doesn’t mean we we can’t say man

you know i’m sick today i need prayer i


but when we we go to god though and just

don’t say oh god do something oh god

heal me he’s sitting up in heaven till

his enemies made his footstool you’re

the one that’s supposed to do something

what are you gonna do just complain

aren’t you gonna start saying no jesus

was the bible says right isaiah 53 and 5

he was wounded for our transgressions he

was bruised for our iniquities the

chastisement of our peace was upon jesus

and by his stripes we were healed

so if we were healed can’t we say i’m


i’m the healed of god

and the more we declare that the more we

we declare what his word says just

confessing what he said

all of a sudden it’s going to build an

image into us

and that image is going to come to life

i use the analogy about a dog when

people say well i i believe that you

just you know tell it like it is no you


no only your flesh that’s contrary to

god wants to tell it like it is when it

comes to spiritual things but otherwise

natural things you’re not that way if

you go home today and your dog isn’t at

your house

you don’t stand out on your porch

if its name is fido say you don’t stand

out on the porch and say the fido’s gone

fido’s gone

oh no fido’s gone fido’s not here

i guess he’ll never come back

no what do you do

here fido

here fido

here fido and you keep saying that until

what you can’t see comes into the place

where you can see it

how about

women when you get pregnant

you and your guy you know you and your

husband you’re you just find out you’re

pregnant i remember pam with pam

her mother always could tell it might

have been

you know

four hours

you know she

you’re pregnant

she’d look at her you’re pregnant man

it was incredible it wasn’t enough it

was it was quick i don’t know i’m

telling on you huh it was about your mom

every time she was you get pregnant your

mom knew it

and you we didn’t know it

she’d look at pam it’d be a week two

weeks or whatever she’d say you’re


now when we knew we were pregnant right

we didn’t go around saying well i should

hope i have a baby one day

nobody says that do they

why do we want to say that when it comes

to what god put in us

no you guys oh i hope i have a baby one

day don’t they go around saying we’re

having a baby we’re having a baby

we’re having a baby and guess what what

you can’t see grows up and comes into



that’s how god created the kingdom

and that’s how we’re to live by faith

you don’t declare your wants all the


you declare what god has provided for

you are you getting this

luke 17 5-6 look what jesus said and the

apostles said to the lord

here’s the

the thing first of all i know this is

all just recapping and but review is

good for you remember


jesus is going you know down the road

and he sees a fig tree that it had

leaves but it had no figs

that form of fig tree by the way would

get figs before the leafs would come on

and then it would mature after the

leaves come on but it had leaves but no


and so it was a type in a shadow of of


judaism uh you know under the law

and he said he looks at the tree and he

says i’m i curse you

no one is going to eat fruit from you

again spoke to that tree

and they go to the temple and the very

next morning they come back they’re

walking by there and the disciples said

look at jesus the tree you cursed it’s

withered from the roots up it’s dead

and here he

he he is you know his his answer

he says and the lord said to the apostle

or the apostle said to the lord increase

our faith

i mean that’s miracle we want to do that

and so here’s what jesus told him

and what he’s telling us read it with me

so the lord said if you have faith as a

mustard seed you can say to this

mulberry tree be pulled up by the roots

and be planted in the sea and it would

obey you did it say god it obey god

most christians even go around begging

god to heal them unbelievers begging god

to heal him i believe god and i didn’t

get healed he’s a liar

no you didn’t believe god you didn’t use

the principles that he gave us to live

by faith

you love god

but just ignorant of his way

when i go to another country i need to

understand their ways

because if i know their ways i can

actually get along a lot better there

i can i can prosper there i can i can

maneuver there it’s it’s easier there

but if i don’t know their ways i’m going

to just live by the ways of of of the

united states i might get killed

we got liberty that nobody has

notice jesus didn’t say that it would

obey god

the tree would obey who

thank you me but you too

it will obey you

but you have to believe that those

things you say that’s why in mark 11


he said have faith in god

he said for truly i say to you that

whatsoever things uh um

if you could say excuse me you’d say to

this mountain be removed and be cast

into this sea and if you don’t doubt in

your heart but if you believe that those

things which you say will come to pass

you’ll have whatever you say

it builds an image within us

had somebody once and said you know came

after teaching this way years ago and

they said oh man i you know i’m uh

yesterday i was i woke up i wasn’t

feeling good and i said i was healed and

you know i’m i’m still not healed i said

oh really you said it once

she looked at me and said well i know

that it’s more than that you just got

it’s not a

thing of how many this isn’t a

legalistic thing it’s how how long does

it take to build that image of being

healed into your heart

if you don’t doubt in your heart

but if you believe that what you say

will come to pass you’ll have whatever

you’re saying that’s how we get saved

isn’t it


mark 10 9-10 if you will confess with

your mouth the lord jesus christ and

believe in your heart that god raised

him from the dead you shall be saved

we confessed to believe

that was what god said he gave him a

picture of his children abraham but it

wasn’t good enough he he had to get

abram because abraham to start saying

what gods did

and when he started saying what god did

that picture he had in them came up to

life and a year later they had isaac

see that that’s


the way god has always been going about

doing things and we used a lot of

examples just in the last couple weeks

i’m not going to go over them all

but that’s the way the spiritual law of

the kingdom works

jesus called peter

it when he was simon his name was simon

and he said simon uh um

from now on your name is

peter and that was which means a rock

and that was a long time before jesus or

peter matured in fact peter even though

he was called the rock when jesus was

betrayed and brought to be crucified

peter cussed him out in the street and

denied that he knew him


simon by the way means hearing one and

it also means

mainly a reed that’s easily swayed in

the winds

and that was him

but all of a sudden i’m peter i’m a rock

i’m a rock i’m a rock one day it raised

up it came out and jesus when peter

walked down this the streets people

would under the his shadow would be

instantly healed his shadow healed them

and he was one that gave his life he

stood so firm for jesus that he when he

was crucified he says i’m not worthy to

be crucified like my lord and so they

crucified him upside down

what are you saying about your life are

you saying what god said

see the lord leads us by calling out the

potential of our life not the failure of

our life that is in god

if somebody’s prophesying doom and gloom

run that’s not a prophet of god

if you if in your head you’re only

thinking of all the mistakes you made

and all the problems that you made

that’s a stronghold of the enemy in your


and you got to cast those imaginations

down first corinthians 10 it says

casting down all imaginations and

everything that would exalt itself

against the knowledge of god bringing

them to captivity every thought to the

obedience of christ

and you’ll rule and reign in this life

health will come speedily

finances will won’t be a

issue you won’t be working with the

sweat of your brow trying to get


it’ll happen it’ll just happen

and people that don’t live by faith all


know because they live in a carnal way

is to criticize those that do live by


you name me another church that look


that has churches schools colleges free


radio stations television station and 37


planted another church in

coloma illinois their their elders were

just here yesterday having a day of

visiting with me

because we’re

they’re buying a building

and so i was just giving them some

insight and praying with them


god has big plans for everyone in here

there’s nothing little that god ever has

for anybody

in fact the bible says greatness is

ascribed to your name

to your name

that’s why when i i started a business

and i was a contractor in a construction



i started a business a toy company uh


pam and i was directed by the lord and


when i said you know what do we call

this business and that’s when the lord

says i don’t do anything but big kingdom


and so that’s what i called it big

kingdom business

he does nothing but big kingdom business

greatness is ascribed to your name he

wants to do great things through you but

you can’t get them done by getting a

better education

i mean that might

have an element of help in this

natural world

but not with god

when we started our radio station

or even this this this land here the

lord said i’ve given you this property

we were we didn’t have anywhere to meet

and uh we we were meeting in a in this

place that was too close to a bar and

the ordinance in merrell wisconsin was

that a church couldn’t be or a bar

couldn’t be a 300 feet from a church

still is and so um

we were

we were

too close to a bar


so they complained because if they would

serve a miner and lose their license

they could never get it back

so they brought us to the city council

and the city kicked us out of

our town

and the lord had showed a sense of humor

right around the corner there was a

little covenant church art gusta sin was

the pastor’s name they were trying to

sell the building i think they wanted

eighty nine thousand dollars for it was

a small building oldest church in

lincoln county

they moved it from

uh i can’t remember where it was out in

the country and they moved it into town

back in 1879

to tell you how old it was

and so um he he he was retiring he

pastored four people for like five years

and then two of them passed and so he

had two folks and he was from chicago

and he wanted to go back to chicago and

so he was talking to their headquarters

and saying i don’t have anybody he says

there was only one person that even

looked at it a church that started up a

church plant that started up in town and


and uh uh but they said you know they


they uh would only give us

um or that i when they wanted 89 i said

i don’t think i could give you 18. i

mean it was in a residential area there

was no parking and and um

and we didn’t have 18 i think we might

have 18 bucks but anyway um so

they said well who is it he said william

holman i see we know him i ministered at

their headquarters the covenant church’s

headquarters we was just here and did a

conference here he says give it to him

so we were given the building

see you see what god does

then of course we the lord spoke to me i

was living down the road and the lord

spoke to me one day and said i’m giving

you this land here that we’re sitting on

it’s yours i said okay so uh for a

couple months on a saturday morning i’d

come and i’d walk around it

one day

the um uh somebody was here ed demersky

and he was putting up a poll building

that’s our administrative building now

and he says and i came and i’m walking

around i said oh what are you uh what

are you doing he says well if it’s any

of your business i’m putting up this

building because i can’t get my insurer

his building burnt down there uh the

lakeview ballroom and so he’s i can’t

get my insurance money until i put

something else up


um i said well he says what is that to

you i says well the lord gives given me

this land and so i don’t know if i want

this building here

he says why own this building

i says well you’re gonna have to come to

grips you know because god gave it to me

and um

we we had a good cordial talk you know

it wasn’t like i was abrasive or

anything but i was truthful this is what

god said so all of a sudden um

that sunday that was a saturday that

sunday we were meeting in that little

church over there on genesee and um and

a new couple came to church john and


and their

last name happened to be demersky they

gave their life to jesus christ they got

baptized in the holy ghost and

i didn’t put two and two together well

and so um

i actually didn’t even know the guy’s

last name he just said his name was ed

but he was from chicago

and so the the next sunday the john came

to church and gave a testimony he says i

shared my testimony about giving my life

to jesus with my my dad and my dad he

gave his life to the lord he got born

again i said what’s his name ed demerski

he owns that place out there he owned

the lakeview ballroom i said really

that’s the guy

so he came and he had a talk with me

obviously god did give it to you he says

let’s see if we can make that happen and

so he did when we wrote up the deal you

know it was going to be on and he says

how about 54 000 it’s on you know 10

acres and or not nine and a half it was

we have a little more now but it was

nine and a half acres and and um

he said uh

he said uh

you know that should be good enough for

you know get it for the bank but you

know we didn’t have the finances or

anything to even get a loan and so i

said well you know you’re gonna and

which i did go try

and uh to see if the bank would give us

a loan but that back then they wouldn’t

give a church alone

so um and that was sort of the thing

around the country

and so i said ed you’re gonna have to

give it to me i was on a land contract

he’s okay how much can you put down i

said nothing

he said okay we’ll do it then it’s

because it’s yours and so we ended up

with the with the property and uh he put

the and that was with the building and

he put the building on of course it was

hollow it was me and i don’t know how

many women uh all the guys working

during the day and me and women put the

floor in and and uh um and we ended up

meeting their 5400 square foot building

but that’s what god does he tells you

that’s why it’s so important to read

your bible

you read your bible and you find out


the lord directs your path i don’t have

to wonder lord what do you have for me

in the future

i know it’s going to be great my

confession is lord you’re directing my

path into the perfect will your plan is

a lot better for them mine that’s why it

says in jeremiah 29 11 he says um

these are my plans that i have for you

says the lord plans of good not evil

plans to give you hope and a future

good things

excellent things

god doesn’t help to rob hurt nothing

it’s the enemy that steel kills and


we just have to start living by this

principle of calling those things that

are not as though they were amen

so that’s just like gideon he’s a mighty

man of valor right

yet he’s hiding in a wine press because

of the enemyism surrounded and they

besieged them so they couldn’t they they

couldn’t have food i mean they were

starving so here’s gideon he has a

little wheat inside of a wine press

grinding it to make a little meal for

his family and the lord shows up and

says hey mighty man of valor


i’m hiding i’m scared of the enemy

he’s no you’re a mighty man of valor

he changes his name he says start

declaring this

here’s gideon who is afraid of the enemy

ends up he he um go into battle with 300

guys and the weapons they used was a


and a uh uh a candle inside of a little


clay jug

and then they said let’s surround the

enemy hold the jug up by your head and

break it so the light only shows your


and blow your horn

there’s a plan

but this mighty man of valor did

and because he did what god said

he lived by the principles that god gave

him the enemy turned on themselves and

killed themselves

it’s so important people to understand

that we have to call those things that

be not

as though they were

it isn’t like you’re going to deny

certain things

i’m not denying if you know the


sickness wants to invade my my body

but i command it to die and go

because i’m healed by the stripes of


i do i commit you die and go every

disease german any virus in my body you

die now in the name of jesus christ

i command that you leave remember i’ve

been healed by from cancer twice and

i’ve never taken any treatments from a


now that’s not that they’re bad

and if you need to go to a doctor go to

a doctor god’s given us doctors to help

us while we’re building our faith

but the bible says

without faith you can’t please god

romans 11 6 you can’t please god without


for everyone that comes to him must

believe that he is and that he’s a

rewarder of those that diligently seek


his way his purpose what he’s done

it doesn’t matter how your life is it

could be going great god wants it better

you could be struggling right now god is

going to give you a breakthrough

you have to start taking steps of faith

you have to start living according to

the principle of god he raises the dead

and calls those things that be not as

though they were and if we’re in his

image in his likeness then that’s what

we do

amen i don’t when my dog runs out of the

yard i don’t say dog you’re gone dog

you’re gone i say here dog here dog

and i call him in

and that’s exactly what we do in this in

there there’s other

there’s other voices in this room

that you can’t hear but if we took a

radio receiver and tuned it into a

certain frequency you would hear them

there’s other people there’s other

people in this room if we took a

television receiver and turned it to a

certain frequency you’d see him wouldn’t


you don’t question that

everything that god said it’s in a

different realm

see he he he he the kingdom of heaven we

we see it we have a three-dimensional

system here but he’s a he has a

four-dimensional system

length depth breadth and height

and we have to start

seeing what he’s promised us and starts

declaring that it’s ours and it builds a

picture of what’s really out there

and as we start declaring it it starts

coming and it manifests here

that’s how the worlds were framed by the

word of god so that everything that we

see was made by things that nobody could


that’s the kingdom of heaven

it’s just the principle

but if you just think well god just does

everything well you’re mistaken

he doesn’t do anything the bible says we

went over this he doesn’t do anything in

this earth until he first reveals it to

somebody that’s willing to speak it out

that’s how he does it jesus was born in

this earth

750 years before it he spoke to a


and said a virgin is going to bear a

child and give birth to a savior

and so isaiah said a virgin is going to

bear a child and give birth to a savior

750 years later

god had the

the person that allowed him

god can’t just do anything that he wants

because of the principles he set forth

he gave everything over to man so who

does he have to use in order to get his

will into this earth


jesus couldn’t even come

unless somebody was willing to give him

the right away and the first one was


he believed god it was accounted for

righteousness the father said now we

have we have an open door

now we gotta get somebody that’s willing

to speak out how it’s going to take


and that was isaiah

and so jesus came

how about in your life

your needs maybe it’s joy

maybe peace


a vision of something a business or

a house

he gives us everything that pertains

unto this life and


and now he says all i have i have to do

is get you to work with me

and i’ll bring all this to pass that’s

why he says don’t lean on your own

understanding in all your ways

acknowledge him

and he’ll direct your path

trust in him

he’ll give you the desire of your heart

follow him he’ll bring it to pass

it’s simple

we just have to start doing it

everyone in here is pregnant

you’re pregnant by the word of god that

was spoken out this morning

every person

everyone in here you pray everyone

listening watching by tv wherever you

are by radio

you are pregnant right now

by the word of god that’s how we got

born again

first peter 1

20 it says that we’re born again of an

incorruptible seed by the word of god

which lives and abides forever

the seed of the word of god comes into

our hearts

and all of a sudden boom

you didn’t you didn’t go after god he

got went after you and sowed the seed

into your life

the bible says we we didn’t choose him

he chose us and he ordered it that we

would bear much fruit for him

good better best i’ll never rest

until my good is better and my better is

best that’s the motto of our school

every child in there knows good better

best i’ll never rest until my good is

better and my better is best

we’re going for it

we’re going to change this region

he says i’ll do it by many or i’ll do it

by few but i’ll do it by somebody

i say let that be you


if you’re in here to this morning you’ve

never given your life to jesus christ

you’re not born again

you can be right now if you’re listening

you’re watching right now come here


need to give your life over to jesus we

have days left


even if it’s 10 years that’s only 3 000

what 650 days


get right

receive christ

and watch what he’ll do

you might be out there you’re thinking

well i’m an old person i’m i’m you know

80 or 90. doesn’t matter look at abraham

he was 99

and god used them

to bring forth a savior into this world

by abraham he brought forth kings

david jesus

all came

from abraham believing god

age has nothing to do with anything in

the kingdom

let’s pray right now

just make this an intimate time remember

he says if you’ll confess with your

mouth that jesus christ is lord your

lord and believe in your heart that god

raised them from the dead you’ll be


it’s all about the mouth believing to

into the heart

so just speak out with me just say god

forgive me

for all my sins

forgive me for not receiving jesus

and trying to live my life on my own


i give my life to jesus christ

because i believe that jesus christ died

for me

and i know that he was raised from the


and he sits at the right hand of the


so jesus

come into my heart

give me your spirit

put a new heart in me

and i’ll live for you forever

today i’m born again

a child of god

and jesus is my lord

and everyone said amen and amen god

bless you

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