His Hands Extended Food Program”

The very first outreach the Lord gave us.

The very first outreach ministry that the Lord would give us as a congregation was our “His Hands Extended Food Program”. So in October of 1986, in one accord, the small congregation of just 32 people obeyed the Lord and held our first food distribution day. There was a 100% turnout from our congregation on that Saturday afternoon, and over 30 families lined up to receive a helping hand. The success of not only helping the less unfortunate, but of having many great opportunities to share Jesus with people, was far beyond what anyone had expected. Even though we have received very little outside aid for any of our food distribution, the growth of our giving has blessed many and has increased to now, on a monthly basis, assisting over 500 people, and distributing to them well over 150,000 lbs of groceries per year. Each year we are privileged to see an increase in our congregation by those who have been ministered to in “His Hands Extended Food Program”.

NTC Food Program
More information:
  • One visit per month per family
  • Emergency Food Is Available
  • No Qualification Requirements
  • BY APPOINTMENT ONLY on Tuesdays and Thursdays