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God Daily Devotional

Confess God’s Word: “LORD you are my light and my salvation; With You on my side I am fearless. You’re my refuge and my strength, so there is nothing nor anyone that I am afraid of. Even if evil people try to destroy my body, and if enemies and those who hate me attack me, they will all be overwhelmed and defeated. Even if I’m surrounded by a mighty army, my heart will not be afraid, I will be like a little baby in the arms of my loving Father, quiet and calm, confident in His strength. Just one thing I need for this and that’s what I’m asking the Lord for. That I may every day of my life, live in His house, with His presence close enough to look at, seeing how wonderful He is. Then I meditate on His beauty and His goodness, so that my life keeps growing more like Him. For in a day of trouble You will hide me in Your shelter, protecting me in a secret place by lifting me up and putting me high upon a rock, keeping me out of reach. My authority will be above my enemies, and I will shout with great joy to Jesus, singing praise to my God and making music to the Lord.” Psalms 27:1-6 (WPH)

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