Kingdom Economy #1

Kingdom Economy

– Dr William Hohman introduces a new series called “Kingdom Economy” and discusses the importance of having a solid foundation.
– He shares personal experiences from his time as a contractor and how buildings require proper foundations to withstand stress.
– The speaker highlights the existence of two parallel kingdoms: the fallen kingdom and the kingdom of heaven, resulting from the fall of mankind.
– He emphasizes the need for understanding and operating within the heavenly kingdom to receive God’s inheritance and empowerment.
– The transcript also includes biblical references and examples to support the idea of learning about God’s economy to accomplish His intended purposes.

Paragraph Summary Kingdom Economy:

In this transcript titled “God Kingdom Economy 1 Two Economies,” the speaker introduces a new series called “Kingdom Economy” and draws parallels between building structures and building a solid spiritual foundation. He emphasizes the significance of understanding two parallel kingdoms: the fallen kingdom of this world and the kingdom of heaven. Stressing the need for education and knowledge, he discusses the empowerment that comes from operating within God’s economy and receiving His inheritance. The speaker underscores the importance of not denying God’s blessings and purpose for one’s life, and encourages a pursuit of learning and embracing God’s plan to accomplish His works on Earth. The biblical references further support the idea of engaging with the kingdom of heaven to lead a purposeful and empowered life.

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